Nov 15, 2010

Open Forum: How Important are Brand Names?

Would you rather use a well known brand name product such as Lancome or the less expensive but virtually identical L'Oreal brand? How important is brand name when choosing products? Leave your comments below.

Nov 1, 2010

Estee Lauder Reformulates DayWear Moisturizers

Estee Lauder has reformulated their Daywear moisturizers now calling them DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer. Available in cream, lotion, and sheer tint formulas this new version is said to have better skin protecting qualities.

Having tried a sample of the new formula I like it but found that it is was slightly more greasy. The scent has been changed and is now more floral with a hint of the cucumber scent. I prefer the new scent as it seems lighter and more elegant.

DayWear is available online and at Estee Lauder counters for $43.00 in a 1.7 ounce jar.