Feb 1, 2011


Many moisturizers contain ingredients such as silicone or petroleum products such as mineral oil. These ingredients create a barrier and help prevent moisture evaporation. They can also make the skin look and feel better. However, I have found products with these ingredients increase breakouts. The reason, it seems, is that these ingredients can trap dirt and oils. One solution may be applying these products only onto clean skin, however, oils are produced throughout the day. My skin is super sensitive to products containing a lot of silicones, mineral oil, or petrolatum. It seems to cause clogged pores and breakouts. Although I do use serums that contain silicone, I generally apply them to specific areas and not all over my face. The moisturizers I use are silicone free. What are your thoughts and opinions on products with silicones and petrolatum or mineral oil?

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Written by: Skin Care Junky