Jul 20, 2009

Open Forum: Do You Use a Facial Serum?

Do you use a facial serum as part of your routine? What do you use and why? Do you use it twice daily? Tell us the details.


  1. Yes I use a face serum very day. I have tried a few and the best for me is Dr Hauschka's regenerating serum which I now use before applying their regenerating cream. For someone in their late 40s I have found the combination of the serum and cream for mature skin very effective as my skin has become very sensitive to products and is prone to redness. Good natural, organic products.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment! Where do you buy this and what does it cost? More and more I am thinking serums are good to use. For a while I was back and forth on it but it seems they really do make a difference.