Feb 1, 2013

Are Expensive Skn Care Products Better?

Skin are products run the gambit from dollar store moisturizers to ultra luxe department store serums. So, are the department store products that can cost upwards of $1,000 better or is it all just advertising hype?

The question isn't so simple for a couple of reasons. Some of the lower priced products may work better for some people because many times they are more simple products, products like the original Olay which is an emollient cream adored by many but does not include the latest buzz word anti aging ingredients.

On the other hand are the La Mer or Re Nutriv products by Estee Lauder. These products contain the latest peptides and ingredients thought to prevent or repair skin. For many people these high end, very expensive products are all they will use. They like the scent, the texture, the results. But do they moisturize skin any better than the lower priced products?

Packaging and fragrance can add substantially to the price of a product. So too can the research and development for new products. Each person is different and a lot of it depends on a person's personal preference. The higher end products tend to have a more luxurious texture and scent and frequently have the newest ingredients. Whether these new ingredients work is a whole other topic.

I am a fan of Estee Lauder advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II which costs $62 for a one ounce bottle. I like the texture, the lack of scent, and the way it makes my skin feel. I also use Mastey de Paris Moiste Facial Moisturizer which sells for $28 for a 3.3 ounce tube. The Estee Lauder product has some of the latest ingredients and is quite expensive whereas the Mastey de Paris product is a more simple formula. As far as moisturizers go it is my favorite because it doesn't cause breakouts and doesn't contain the silicones and other fillers that irritate my sensitive skin.

So, it is really all about personal preference. What sort of products do you prefer?

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