Apr 1, 2016

L'Oreal Double Lift Face Treatment

L'Oréal updated their popular lifting cream gel with this newer version that contains double the lifting ingredients.

The dual chamber, red plastic container contains a lifting gel in one chamber and a moisturizing wrinkle cream in the other. The product is kept separate until it is dispensed. The cream is typical of other L'Oréal moisturizers in that it is white and creamy, while the gel is red and more serum like in texture. While the product is noticeably scented, it is lighter than most L'Oréal products and very similar to L'Oréal owned Lancôme Renergie. The packaging is attractive but feels inexpensive.

Once applied to the face this cream gel mixture spreads easily and absorbs quickly. It doesn't appear to ball up like so many other L'Oréal creams and serums do. I did feel a tightening of my skin after application and felt that my skin was moisturized. Alcohol is listed quite highly on the ingredients deck and therefore it might be too drying for some. I prefer to avoid products with alcohol because it does seem to make my skin drier.

A one ounce bottle of L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Double Lifting Face Treatment is available at most mass market stores and retails for $20 or less.

Ingredients: Not currently available.

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