Aug 24, 2009

Open Forum: Websites and Ingredients

When we go into a store to buy something we can read the ingredients list off the package and decide then if there is a particular ingredient we want to avoid. However, many times, when we shop online we do not have that option. Manufacturer's websites generally do not list the ingredients for the product and so we either must email them and ask, search online or in some cases call them. Why is it that all companies selling skin care products online are not required to give a complete list of ingredients for each product they sell?

The Estee Lauder company websites (Estee Lauder, Clinique, Prescriptives, Good Skin, American Beauty, Grassroots, La Mer, etc.) will highlight a particular ingredient but do not give a complete list. Lancome will only provide ingredient listings via snail mail yet their owner L'Oreal is now providing the ingredient listing for L'Oreal products on their website. Garnier, also owned by Lancome does not list ingredients on their website. Even Sephora, which list ingredients for most products does not provide them for Estee Lauder brands.

It would be really helpful to those of us with skin sensitivities if we could go to the website of the brand we want to buy something from and see what it contains so we don't have to return it or get stuck with something we can't use.

What do you think?

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