Apr 15, 2010

Open Forum: Companies Not Responding to E-Mail

These days the most frequent way to communicate with a company is via e-mail. It is usually fast and to the point. So, it is quite frustrating when a company doesn't respond.

A good example is Mastey de Paris, they rarely, if ever, respond to e-mails. A recent e-mail was sent to them inquiring when their skin care line would again be available, specifically regarding Mastey Moiste Facial Moisturizer. No response. E-mail should be answered promptly, especially when there is so much competition for consumer interest.

An e-mail was sent to Alterna regarding a product they offer requesting further information. Again, no response. This e-mail was sent to them seeking information on how to use a product as a potential new customer and they didn't make the effort to respond.

Have you had similar difficulty get an e-mail answered? Did it deter you from doing business with them?

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  1. Hello Skin Care Junky,

    Love your blog site and find it very useful. I noticed you don't have a category for Olay products. While doing some research I found a Consumer Report Magazine study on many department store products and Olay products on reducing the appearance of wrinkles, firming, etc,,,and Olay really did perform better than ALL the other products. I couldn't believe it , but it really is true. Consumer Reports even had pictures.. and they are a 3rd party magazine that does not except advertising dollars for products. I grew up with knowing the product as "Oil of Olay" and back then it was a cheap drugstore cosmetic, but it looks like the company definitely they have made a turnaround in the quality of products in the last 10 years. I recommend you check it out.

    By the way, I don't work for Olay and have no affiliation to them them. Just a fellow skincare trying to sniff out good products out of great marketing.